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Here’s the most beautiful series I’ve seen in a long time can’t confirm that success waits outside of my comfort zone (see second quote). For years, I’ve forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and do things Mark Zuckerberg wanted me to do: post daily, go live, shoot stories. I disciplined myself, motivated and always tried hard. I talked my fear and panic down and congratulated myself on doing things I don’t want to do. But apart from a near burnout, the whole thing didn’t do much for me. Because honestly.

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Instagram every time and then get so nervous that I just stammer to myself – what kind of success is that supposed to be? It may sound crazy, but what if we just use our strengths instead of constantly tinkering with our weaknesses? And as for the third quote and the standstill, I also have Bahrain Phone Number List my doubts. My impression is that a lot has happened since I finally dared to stay in my comfort zone and write. Published books, deep insights, beautiful encounters. I often learn something new and have new experiences. Just at my pace, on my terms and without compulsion. But even if comfort zone also meant standstill.

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Why are we all so bloody scared of it? What are we afraid of missing out? Which inevitably leads us to wonder what this comfort zone obsession is actually about. Why, oh why can’t I just do what I feel comfortable with in my business and marketing? Well, simple: because you can’t make DKB Directory as much money with happy people who don’t need anything (or very little) other than themselves and their skills. That’s why we hear from all sides: No matter what you have, there is more to come. No matter what you can do, you can do even better. No matter what you do, you can go one step further.

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