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You plan joint projects You can use a workcation for joint projects and collaborations . Planning an event together or brainstorming for a joint podcast is much more efficient live and in color. You get inspired A workcation is a great framework for mutual exchange and thus motivating and inspiring conversations among like-minded people late into the night. Who can you host a workcation with? With business friends, colleagues, customers. did my workcation with former Mastermind participants and it was great to meet them live after months of working together. How is a work performed? Here, too, you decide for yourself whether “work” or “action” predominates.

Whether the workcation lasts three days

Three weeks or three months. We opted for a 4-day workcation and worked in the mornings and vacationed in the afternoons. The holiday part was mixed with walks, wellness, mini golf and an Belize Phone Number List alpaca hike . In the evening we always met for dinner together and let the day end comfortably. Where can you host a workshop? Basically everywhere . Whether in Germany, in Bali or in Portugal you decide all by yourself. A beautiful wellness hotel on the North Sea? Or a cozy, large AirBnB apartment on the Baltic Sea? A finca on Mallet.

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Everything is possible

We decided on a hotel in the Bavarian Pampas and have not regretted the decision: Because we didn’t have to worry about shopping and cooking, we could concentrate on working and relaxing . Because everyone had booked a single room, the workcation was the perfect mix of “together” and “for themselves” . As the hotel wasn’t in a big city we didn’t feel constrained to do many DKB Directory things and spent the days chatting and chilling. Because the hotel was in Germany, most of the journeys were limited. In the end I felt really relaxed after the workation , even though I had just spent four days in a group. That’s why I would always choose a hotel nearby. And where do you start with the organization? Did you taste blood? Understandable.

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