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You can organize a workcation on your own : The best thing to do is to gather a group of people who would be interested in a workcation and set a specific date first . Then you choose a hotel and inquire whether there is still the right number of single or double rooms. Afterwards everyone can book for themselves. If you want to hand over the organization of a workshop, you can of course do that too. There are now many providers who will do the work for you. Have fungate a break: 100 ideas for a break design that does not require a smartphone or social media 19 Dec Breaks are important. We all know that.

Proper breaks are relaxing good

They let us breathe deeply , give us (new) strength and even make us more productive and efficient in the long term . And yet many of us are rather uncreative when it comes to taking breaks . When the task Benin Phone Number List is done, the smartphone is automatically accessed and thus to social media, news and co. We let ourselves be showered for a few minutes, like and comment on something and then feel almost more tired than before. Do you feel the same? In this blog article, I present you with a hundred ideas for breaks.

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Require a smartphone or social media

The nice thing about these breaks is that we can do what we usually procrastinate exercise. Healthy eating, our hobbies) in the time between two blocks of work . At the same time, we feel really relaxed after DKB Directory these breaks and can then carry on working in a motivated and concentrated manner. Are you retiring again?” or “Look, Alex is retiring again.”). We stand by the window for a few minutes and see which dogs are walking past and who the postman is handing out the package to. Sound boring? It is! But relaxing. A brown and white dog looks out the window.

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