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The typical images of the self-actualization bubble stand for a white, wealthy “feminism” and have little to do with the reality of most women. It is not uncommon for them to place such a strong focus on “good vibes only”, so that their “positive” messages become toxic and generally ignore challenges, problems and setbacks. Above all, however, these images fit the core message that is being spread in the name of female empowerment: You can become super successful if you just work hard enough (on yourself) and always stay positive.

Sheryl Sandberg launched this neoliberal message

Movement in 2013. In her book – now a bestseller and classic – “Lean in. Women and the will to succeed”, Sandberg writes: “If women work hard and are courageous, they can achieve anything they set New Zealand Phone Number List their minds to. En come into play, there is a highSounds good at first, but on closer inspection it’s just an unreflecte heap of words that smells strongly of privilege. Sheryl Sandberg, who was Facebook’s COO until the fall of 2022, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.

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Even if the woman is white and happily married

Not millions, BILLIONS. And I’m probably not leaning too far out of the window when I say: Such sentences come. More easily to a white, rich woman than, for example, to single parents whose time. Energy and financial resources are limited . Or black women who experience discrimination DKB Directory every day. For most women on earth there are limits in patriarchal structures. Children come into play, there is a high probability that after all the nights and thanks to the Gender Care. Gap we will not be able to perform so well at first. In general, female empowerment and the hustle culture , to which millennials in particular seem to be susceptible. Surprisingly often go hand in hand.

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