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At some point I noticed that for quite some time the scales had only been pointing in one direction: outwards. Always higher, further, faster. My soul, crying out for silence, looked at me sadly from the other side of its scales. Had neglected her. I had neglected myself. I had forgotten myself. Had tipped the balance. And: I could no longer hear my own voice in the loud, shrill online world. I realized that all the digital noise around me needed to be quieted down so I could listen to myself and become aware of my own thoughts again.

As an only childquiet spaces were often

Available to me in the past . I found myself alone for hours every day writing poetry, painting, reading, listening to cassette tapes (80s love!), taking long walks and bike rides, or dozing off. In retrospect, these moments were my quiet, mindful sources of energy that fed my inner flame. And Thailand Phone Number List what does a stressed, adult online marketing woman do to integrate more rest and reflection into her life? Of course, she’s trying meditation. And with an app. wonders: via Headspace, I created 10-minute oases of silence in the arid work desert of each day. weeks, even months.

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What if I could unite my two worlds

And the oasis became paradise, my personal Garden of Eden. My thoughts became clearer. Addiction to social media apps more controllable. Reaching for the cell phone, more consciously. Breath by breath, asana by asana, I found my way back to myself. I was so blissfully arrived in the world DKB Directory of mindfulness that I decided to become a meditation and yoga teacher myself. There was also training as a breath coach. And somewhere between Always-On and Always-Ommm the idea came up. in which I went in and out every day so safely and contentedly, and thus also help others?

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