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No matter how good your sales are, they could still be higher. (And practically, there is always a suitable program for your deficiency.) So it is the classic late capitalist maxim : never be satisfied Always strive for more. buy more Then you will be happy. (Perhaps.) But that’s exhausting and after seven years of online business I don’t feel like it anymore. Therefore, with immediate effect and highly officially, I am getting out of the comfort zone leaving hype and enjoying life in my comfort zone for now. (I’ll send a postcard!)What is a work? 20 Dec In May 2022 I was at a workcation for the very first time in my self-employment.

If you ‘ve never heard the term workcation

This blog article is for you. Because in this blog article I will tell you: what a work is when a workcation is a good idea for online entrepreneurs who you can host a workcation with how a work is Belarus Phone Number List done where you can hold a workshop and how to get started with the organization What is a work? A definition The term workcation is made up of the two words work and vacation and describes the merging of work and vacation . The basic idea is: We meet to work together , but not just in a stuffy office building, but somewhere.

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Where it’s nice and we can have a good

Time at the same time Of course, workcation’s are particularly popular with everyone who works remotely and digitally . What are the reasons for a workcation? A workcation is a good idea for online DKB Directory entrepreneurs for many reasons: You meet people you only know online, IRLWorkcations are a great way to be “social” even without social media and to deepen the connection with colleagues or customers . You come out of your closet Do you feel the same way that you usually work in front of you in your quiet little room? It’s a nice change to get out and cowork with other people.

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