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We can boost their confidence in their abilities instead of making them feel like they’re missing something. We can decouple women’s self-worth from achievement and success and give them the feeling that they are valuable even if a plan fails, even if they don’t achieve anything. We can start delivering more complex, realistic messages on our channels. Messages that make it clear: The path to a successful business is not always straight, easy and pastel. We can point out ways in which things might be a little easier. We can stand up for diversity and address and employ women of all origins and religions.

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We use reflect the diversity of women’s bodies , not just the norm. We can subject our messages to an intersectionality check and ask ourselves whether we are speaking from a privileged position or whether we are thinking along with the actual realities of life, which often contain limitations. We can start with ourselves and promote, appreciate, respect, strengthen and pay appropriately our own employees . And not just on Women’s Day, but 365 days a year.Why mindfulness in online business is more than just hype.

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Online business is not for me : a hyped trend that will soon disappear a symptom of the optimization mania Breathe away or meditate on challenges Say yes and amen to everything and never stand up for myself always be nice to everyone without exception always think positive esoteric have no DKB Directory ambitions or goals always decide “from the gut”. never offend with my words and just don’t annoy anyone egotistical If you have been suspicious of the term mindfulness for a long time or you have not had a clear idea of ​​what a “mindful business” could even be, this blog article is for you.

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