Don’t want to miss anything

There’s just so much to say about you, Mark. So much… not so good. Anyway, I don’t need your business page anymore. And since an outdated, loveless Facebook page looks less professional than none at all, I just deleted it. Simply that way. Smartphone with social media apps Why I’m no longer running Facebook ads I already told you that I stopped doing organic Facebook marketing in 2020, but I still ran ads on Facebook . Just like you wanted it, Mark. Since 2018 you have increasingly made me pay for your help.

That move was kind

Give your business even more money and make yourself even richer than you already are. shit. But I’ve always done well, Mark. for years. Even if at some point you kept wanting more money from me, I have to admit that Facebook ads still had a good ROI for me. Do you see me speaking perfect UK Phone Number List marketing slang? This means that the money I invested in your advertisements I always got back in the form of newsletter and webinar registrations and thus customers for my online programs. I listened to you, played by your rules and was rewarded! But only for a short time… Pardon my French.

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You even approved the ads

Mark, but at some point I felt like you were screwing me. Because after the iOS update in early 2021, I was no longer able to run any ads overnight. Yes, I had carried out the technical updates correctly. The ad groups were created as always. The campaign was set to “active”, but in practice not a penny DKB Directory was spent – you just didn’t play the ad. I felt like you ghosted me Mark! Do you know that I was addicted to your ads? That I then spent several weeks trying to understand why? That I have changed countless things, tested them and sacrificed hours of my life.

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