Field service technicians work in remote locations

Nothing helps against the midday slump better than a light drizzle raining on your face. 27. Ride a bike. and let the wind blow in your face. 28. Go to the water Do you live by the river, sea, lake (or an oversized puddle)? Off to the water! 29. Observe clouds Lie down on the grass or sit on a bench and look up. 30. Have a picnic Take your lunch outside and have a picnic. Eating and Drinking 31. Drink a glass of water 32. Have a cup of tea 33. Chopping and eating raw vegetables The recommended 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables become child’s play. 34. Nibble on a handful of nuts Grab a handful of nuts and let’s go.

Making a vegetable broth for dinner

Planning to cook a soup in the evening? How about cleaning and chopping carrots, celery and co. and preparing the broth? 36. Scrub and pre-cook potatoes for the next day Clean a batch of potatoes and precook them for the next meal. 37. Breakfast Eat your breakfast without scrolling through Costa Rica Phone Number List the feed or reading the news. 38. Lunch Dito. Plus: With a light high-protein lunch, the midday slump doesn’t stand a chance. 39. Prepare and eat a salad And nibble something again and use your hands. There is nothing better to change your mind between two blocks of work.

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Go to the ice cream shop

Go to the ice cream parlor and get a big tub of spaghetti ice cream. Of course not every lunch break, but maybe on a special day when there is something to celebrate Wellness & Selfcare You take care of everything and everyone and there is never enough time for you? How about establishing self-care as breaks? 41. Showers It doesn’t necessarily have to be the DKB Directory morning or evening shower. If you don’t have appointments, just take a shower in between. It refreshes and wakes you up. 42. Run yourself a bubble bath For special days it might be something more than a shower? 43. Take a cold foot bath It’s 36 degrees and it’s getting even hotter.

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