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You might find it ridiculously slow. But I like it like this. Do you know that I started learning the piano last year? I’ve wanted to do it for years, and now that I don’t have to deal with your ad manager, I finally have the time.  groups I have to admit: That’s the hardest part for me when we’re separating. I’ve been using your FB groups to support my courses for almost five years. And that’s always been damn handy, Mark. Everyone has Facebook. Everyone uses it every day. Everyone knows how it’s done and doesn’t have to learn a new tool first. Well, that was always wonderfully uncomplicated.

Why I want to do without Facebook

However, I have decided not to use Facebook support groups for my online programs in the future. Because your Facebook groups are one thing above all: time wasters . You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to “just take a quick look” to see what’s new in the Mastermind Group, but was Belgium Phone Number List instantly thrown into this maelstrom of popping live videos, DMs, and new notifications. And in no time at all, thirty valuable minutes were up again. But I guess that’s no coincidence , Mark. The longer we are on your platform, the more ads you can sell.

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Be honest Mark

With you, time is money. : could it be that the less I use Facebook , the more extreme the posts in my Start Feed are? At some point I had the impression that you were deliberately trying to get me to react . Even though you knew exactly what opinions upset me, you showed them DKB Directory to me. God, I’ve had to block so many accounts in the last two years because you kept throwing some scumbags into my timeline! This game is so exhausting, Mark. And I can only lose there. I had to admit that at some point. That’s why I decided to look after the participants in my online programs away from Facebook.

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