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However, there is a big difference between serving an existing need and wanting to solve existing problems, and artificially portraying the woman as a deficient being and presenting it as her only option of buying an expensive program. Sometimes installment payments are not even offered (and if they are, always with a surcharge compared to a one-off payment) and women are directly or indirectly encouraged to take out a loan and run into debt. Not only drives women into financial ruin with their gaslighting practices, but also fulfills a gatekeeping function by allowing self-actualization only for women with the appropriate financial resources – or those who are willing to commit to it to blame – makes accessible. Gaslight, Gatekeep,Girlboss.

So the dark side of female empowerment

This is not female empowerment but a white “upper class” feminism that only benefits women who are already privileged. The cups, bags, shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pens, mouse pads, mobile phone covers, stickers, posters, key rings and jute bags on which “Girlboss” or “Girlpower” is printed Saudi Arabia Phone Number List seem almost harmless… Woman writes down her goals in a diary …but of course they aren’t either. Here, belonging is not only bought through consumption . The shirts that say “Girl Power” are often sewn by women in Southeast Asia under precarious conditions.

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Back to the roots Of course

The issue of empowering women and helping them achieve equal opportunities and income is an important one. But we don’t have to think about female empowerment individually, but structurally . We do not have to solve the compatibility problem of a few happy women. But ideally of all or DKB Directory at least as many as possible. We can start with the image of women that. Women are enough just the way they are and that they don’t need to improve themselves to be successful. Of course, women are allowe to learn, grow and change – but for intrinsic motivation. Because they are interestd in a topic and they want it.

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