How can that be Mark

You don’t know me and you probably never will know who I am. But that doesn’t matter. I still wanted to write you a letter and tell you: I break up with you. That’s right. And with all the trimmings. You probably haven’t noticed it yet, but from now on we’re going our separate ways. From now on I not only no longer have WhatsApp and Instagram, but I am now completely Facebook-free. Without a Facebook Ad Account , Facebook Page.

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Facebook Groups , or Facebook Messenger. Yes, I don’t even have a Facebook profile anymore ! If you look for me on Facebook, there’s nothing there anymore. Nada. never. I’m sure you think it’s UAE Phone Number List completely silly and unprofessional to delete Facebook as a self-employed person, don’t you? But let me assure you, Mark: I’ve thought it through. After all, you don’t just make such a momentous decision over Sunday coffee with your in-laws. Believe me, our breakup was a development that took years. Years! You and I – we fell out of love slowly. Every day a little more. And now there are irreconcilable differences that can no longer be patched up. But I’d rather tell you everything in the right order.

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Why I decided to delete my Facebook business page Honestly, Mark, you haven’t been a great help in getting clients since you announced in early 2018 that you would limit the reach of business pages. When I think of all the time, money and energy I ‘ve put into FB posts, FB Lives and content plans DKB Directory to only reach two people, I want to cry Mark. Crying uncontrollably. Then in early 2020 I got so frustrated with you that I stopped using my business page for marketing purposes. After that I didn’t actively record them anymore, but I didn’t delete them . Because I still needed them to run ads on Facebook.

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