How did that happen

After some time of unconscious procrastination , I admitted to myself that it is exactly like this (and at first is completely ok): “I’m in the online marketing fog right now and something is stopping me from getting started. Although it would actually be important.” This is often the most important step to really tackle something!  Take a closer look and find out where it is hanging I have now asked myself two questions that I often ask others in coaching and let them sink in a bit – with a kind and honest look.

What is stopping me

I feel most comfortable when I have a good overview and am as experienced as possible. And “online marketing” was just too big and wide for me. where is the beginning In addition, marketing for me Denmark Phone Number List was a lot of “glare”. I didn’t want to sell hot air at any price. As a market crier I would be a total loser . b) What brings me there? I wished for orientation and expertise for the beginning of my common thread. And some company now and then.  Looking for what I need – suitable for me Alright, I needed online marketing support and expertise for myself as a coach.

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But where did I get it from

Not through the 1,000th YouTube video, several years of further training or 500 reference books, all of which describe “how to do it right”. So far, all these channels had paralyzed me instead of inspiring me. I needed support that suits me! Rather coincidentally, a colleague sent me the link to Alex’s mindful marketing – just at the right moment Spontaneously and out of instinct, I signed up for Mastermind last summer . That was the best thing that DKB Directory could have happened to me for my online marketing. – No, I am not being paid to say this and it comes from the heart! Until the start in September I allowed myself to let the topic rest and put down the heavy backpack – finally! With the good feeling that things will really start soon Select and prepare the first stage What was the most important thing to start with.

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