How do you create a great virtual sales team

Writes Teresa Bücker pointedly, in which “power means handing over the ‘dirty work’ to people who only have access to these types of work. And privileged women participate in this model. They strengthen it instead of demanding that the world of work be reorganized.” ( Source ) The outsourcing of care work, for which women no longer have time because they want to realize themselves, is in blatant contradiction to the message of female empowerment: to “empower” women, to make them capable of acting, to create equal opportunities and close the income gap. The situation is similar when successful online entrepreneurs employ freelancers.

Again and again it is the female entrepreneurs

Who take up the cause of female empowerment in a media-effective manner and Instaposts, who exclude their own employees for some reason, question every euro charged, fundamentally haggle over every offer and flatly reject increases in hourly rates, dragging weeks into the country Philippines Phone Number List leave before paying bills. Girl power on the outside, Scrooge on the inside. A few years after “Lean in” we have to realize that it is not enough to see individual women at the top as long as there are misogynist structures in society and in companies.

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Which then turned out to be racist

Because, of course, even successful women are not immune to exploiting employees and continuing toxic corporate structures. Like girl boss Sophia Amoruso, who fired pregnant employees and ultimately filed for bankruptcy with Nasty Gal. Or Audrey Gelman , who wanted to found a DKB Directory safe co-working. Space for women and non-binary people with “Wing”, and discriminatory. Or Elizabeth Holmes , who created a culture of fear and secrecy in her company. Theranos, was considered the first self-made billionaire for. A while and has since been sentenced to eleven years in prison for investment fraud. So the record of the (self-declared) girl bosses is sobering. But at the forefront of the systematic exploitation of women in the name of girl power are so-called MLMs.

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