How is this going to continue

There I stood – figuratively speaking and still unconsciously – with an infinitely heavy backpack, a bad feeling and 1000 route options in the middle of the fog . I just knew it’s kind of about SEO, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok…?! Everything seemed to be equally important . I didn’t really feel like it. And “everyone else” knew in my transfigured perception, of course, how it all works and what they want (*haha*). As a coach, I accompany my clients in all aspects of (professional) life, leadership and careers. I am practiced in self-reflection and in accompanying others with challenges and decisions. And now – with online marketing – I was “caught” myself again. Very human and everyday.

Don’t want to miss anything

Definitely not a “digital native”. And with the diversity of the analogue world, it already has enough capacity. I didn’t like the idea of ​​having to play on different channels at the same time. And then Canada Phone Number List also “just with me” – so without another topic. Phew! What happened? Nothing! I didn’t take a single step. Prefered to remain in place, kept putting off online marketing until later. Only the back started to hurt over time – much too heavy luggage! And my doing nothing fell on my feet at some point (ouch!) : Because if you don’t sow anything, you can’t reap any fruit afterwards.

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Also no visibility on the net – to reach even more people for whom my work could be valuable. Today I would like to tell you how I STILL managed to start the “journey” to my online marketing. And even DKB Directory befriend him (who would have thought?!). The most important steps were: 1. Acknowledge  & accept that I am stuck 2. Take a closer look and find out where it is hanging. 3. Looking for what I need – suitable for me 4. Select and prepare the first stage 5. Get started – because everything begins with a first step 6. Make discoveries, move on & stay alive #1 Recognizing & accepting that I am stuck.

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