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Only a few at the top benefit from the sometimes illegal practices, the abuse of social relationships and the sect-like conditions. One person in 40,000 gets rich with MLMs. One person in 2,000 can make a net income of 2,500-4,000 from MLMs. Average earnings, according to Dr. Claudia Groß, but are far below the minimum wage at MLMs . ( source ) The fact that a number of celebrities make positive comments about MLMs, appear as speakers at MLMs events or get involved entirely does not change that. Tony Robbins, Gary V, Chuck Norris, Jurgen Klopp.

The list is long MLMs

Proposition for almost everyone who participates and certainly not an opportunity for women to achieve self-fulfilment and become financially free. And because it is so incredibly sad that women in particular are so consciously and systematically deceived – often in the name of female Russia Phone Number List empowerment – some Comic Relief: Please accept the cookie consent #5 Capitalism in pink The dark side of the female empowerment movement is thus conspicuously system-compatible. After all, neither men nor structures have to change, but once again we women. It is we who have the “wrong mindset.

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It is we who have to do more

It’s us who have to get up earlier. It is we who are not good enough. These messages come in handy for marketing. Because if you portray women as being in short supply, you can offer a product that supposedly eliminates this shortcoming. It’s a perfidious business model: convince women that DKB Directory they’re not good enough and then offer them a high-priced four, five or six-figure product so that they finally feel valuable. It is not uncommon for women to be put under additional pressure by being accused of having a “wrong mindset” if they are unwilling or unable to pay these amounts. That doesn’t mean that self-employed people who work with other women should never sell.

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