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MLM is short for multi-level marketing, which is also known as “network marketing” or “direct selling.” Perhaps the best-known examples of MLMs in Germany are Tupperware, Vorwerk (Thermomix), Mary Kay and DVAG . The basic idea is that products are recommended and sold directly by satisfied customers. In practice it looks like this: Your neighbor calls you and invites you to a Tupperware party… That classmate you haven’t heard from in nineteen years suddenly finds you on Facebook and asks you if you’ve heard about that supplement she used to get her bedridden third cousin up and running again.

A complete stranger writes

Instagram that she is looking for someone just like you and that there are many opportunities for doers like you to realize themselvesA buddy suddenly babbles on about structured sales and life insurance and how easy it is to earn five figures a month… The promises of the MLM bubble are indeed gigantic. We can earn money completely flexibly. Very comfortably Poland Phone Number List from home. Even if we have seventeen kids and three goldfish. No previous knowledge is necessary at all. In return, there is almost limitless, passive income, even financial freedom  long as te right effort is mae. It is now clear that the main sales of MLMs are not generated by selling the products.

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Recruiting new members

Who in turn sell the products. Such practices are not permittd in the European Directive on Unfair Business Practices (Directive 2005/29/EG) or in the German law against unfair competition (UWG §16 Para. 2). That’s why MLMs simply don’t say transparently that the focus is on DKB Directory recruiting new members. The thoroughly opaque “become your own girl boss” cake is ready. Because yes: Of course, the emphasis on flexibility and compatibility primarily appeals to women. But like Dr. Claudia Groß from the Institute Management Research at Radbou University Nijmegen shows the promises self-realization and sales not kept.

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