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This is the perfect balancing movement for the lower back muscles. 14. Go jogging Put on jogging shoes and run away from the midday slump. 15. Do a workout Roll out the mat, grab a couple of dumbbells and bang your muscles. 16.Yoga Do some sun salutations in between. Or a longer yoga session. Hang out Do you have a hammock hanging in your study? No? Neither do I. For that with my husband. And sometimes I sneak into his study and really hang out for a few minutes.

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Hang in there do you have a pull up bar Hang in there for a few breaths. 19. Do a plank For a plank you don’t need any accessories, just you. One plank a day strengthens (almost) the entire body musculature Colombia Phone Number List in the long term, especially the back. 20. Let your head spin Instead of thoughts, just let your head spin. And the shoulders. A small compensation for the constant staring at the laptop. Opens the Marketing Without Social Media.

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Open the windows and air the room Open your window for a few minutes and let in some fresh air. (Level up: air every single room in your apartment. Then you move around a bit.) 22. Go out on your balcony or patio It is cold? Put on your jacket and take a hot drink with you. Run DKB Directory around the block Sometimes “getting some fresh air” doesn’t have to be that complicated.  Thousand steps? 25. Forest bathing The Japanese call it “Shirin Yoke”. A stay reduces stress and stops circling thoughts. And the terpenes, i.e. the aromas of the forest, strengthen the immune system and protect against common civilization diseases. 26. Go out in the drizzle I like my weather like my tea.

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