Less than a third of service decision makers

With more than 20 years of marketing experience and the interim training as a life coach and as a meditation and yoga teacher, she combines both worlds in the spirit of digital mindfulness and supports the self-employed in using smartphones, social media & Co. more consciously. You can find out more about Rini and how you can work with her on her website . You will receive an exclusive meditation straight to your inbox every month via their newsletter , and the “Very Mindful” podcast features regular news and guests on the subject of screen-life balance. My life has always been characterize by duality.

As a Greek who was born and raised in Germany

She was automatically born to me. And the tendency towards dramatic article titles is probably due to the Greek roots. Speaking of born in Germany: In the zodiac sign of Pisces with Gemini as the ascendant – don’t worry, the excursion into astrology won’t take long. Anyone who knows a bit knows Sweden Phone Number List that this constellation could not be more opposite. Water with air, a striving for calm with the desire for communication, the inside and the outsie: a circling prance of yin and yang that has to be kept in a healthy balance.

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From an early age

Every day was also a back and forth between two languages. Greek at home and at Greek school (greetings go out to the. Free State of Bavaria!), German with friends and the rest of the world. When I had to DKB Directory decide what I wante to study, s torn between. The humanities and the natural sciences. Can’t you do both? It became biology. I kept writing, painting and singing as hobbies. And as much as the world and the millions of microcosms it contained fascinated me as a natural scientist and I was able to explain many things rationally, I kept an open mind for everything that was still unknown, even mystical.

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