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All possibilities to practice Asteya – not stealing time – in our self-employment. Not stealing ideas Asteya could mean: a non-stealing of ideas. We could be careful not to claim other people’s ideas as our own and not adorn ourselves with someone else’s feathers. We could make a habit of citing sources , marking citations as such. Being transparent about where our knowledge comes from. Maybe we could even practice looking less at others and more at ourselves. Keep reminding ourselves that our own ideas are good enough. That we already have everything we need to start. We could share the messages, write the texts, offer the products we want – and not because “one” does it that wa.

All possibilities to practice

Astea – the non-stealing of ideas – in our self-employment. Not stealing money Asteya could mean: a non-stealing of money. Could stop striving for what someone does not give us voluntarily. could stop working Iceland Phone Number List out sales funnels, promoting “promises of success” and “secret formulas”, working with artificial shortages. We could stop funneling people into our programs with freebies and other lures. We could start giving people the time they need to make purchasing decisions. To be patient. All ways to practice Asteya – not stealing money.

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We could let family members know

Not stealing attention Asteya could mean: a non-stealing of attention. We could stop sharing trivia on social media . Posting daily, showing our face in stories just to keep the algorithm happy. (And not because we have something to say right now.) We could start issuing notifications before going into a meeting. Email, Messenger, Instagram.  that we are now in a Zoom meeting for two DKB Directory hours and unavailable. We could give privacy to the people we are meeting online right now. Create a safe space without distractions. Maybe we could even start not stealing our own attention by pointlessly scrolling through social media feeds for hours. We could start committing our actions with an intention.

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