My boiler breaks down in the winter

Lie on the sofa and close your eyes Five minutes. Or forty. You decide. 3. Check tree outside Can you see a tree from your window? Fine. Then check every day how it changes with the seasons. Does he have leaves? Blossoms? If yes, what color are they? Or do you see new buds in spring? There is a whole universe waiting for you to discover it. 4. Short power nap Sometimes all we need is a little box. 5. Proper afternoon nap You need more than a small box? Also good. 6. Breathe Inhale while counting to four. Exhale while counting to four. Pause for breath while counting to four. And then start again.

Fill up on vitamin Sit on a bench

Minutes and let the sun shine on your face. 8. Daydreaming No, don’t brood. daydreaming Do you remember how to do this? Did you always do it when you were a kid. Shraavana “Shraavana” refers Chile Phone Number List to the “death pose” in yoga. You lie down on the floor and close your eyes for a few minutes. Cover yourself with a blanket for the snuggle factor. An extensive Shraavana activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Heart rate and breathing calm down.

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Meditate Sit comfortably

You are the sky and your thoughts are the clouds that pass by when you don’t engage with them. And no matter how dark those clouds are, you always know there’s a bright blue sky beneath. Break type: exercise and sport Doing nothing is too boring for you? How about exercise or sport? 11. Get up DKB Directory from the desk Get up from the desk, walk across the room a few times, sit back down. 12. Walking up and down stairs Do you live in a house and have stairs? Run them up and down a few times. 13. Put yourself in Child’s Pose It doesn’t always have to be a complicated yoga program. Just lie down in the “Child’s Pose”. Sit on your heels, straighten your upper body and carefully bend forward. Stay in this position for a few breaths.

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