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Pink lettering Hustle is next to clips and paper Often the credo of the self-realization bubble: Hustle and grind A real “girl boss” is serious and gives everything every day. Drink coffee first, then save the world. Constantly taking selfies of herself at work or an Insta story of her taking a break. The  apex of the self-actualization bubble-hustle-bubble is the 5am Club – a concept that goes back to Robin Sharma’s book of the same name. Sharma’s thesis: Early in the morning, when everyone is asleep, we can pursue our goals undisturbed. We can exercise, meditate, read. 5 a.m. is the most valuable hour. (You’re guaranteed not to be called by anyone. Even the kid’s football team’s WhatsApp group chat is silent.

There are studies that show

Knowing that you’ve already done something for yourself will energize you throughout the day and make you incredibly productive. Relevant examples are easy to find: According to Business Insider, Tim Netherlands Phone Number List Cook gets up at 3:45 a.m. Former First Lady Michelle Obama at 4:30 p.m. Tim Armstrong at 5 p.m. Sergio Marchionne at 3:30 a.m. The message is clear: Successful people are early risers! And so “freshly minted” girl bosses force themselves out of bed at 5 a.m. every day, because successful people just don’t snooze.

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The fact that in a meritocracy we

Should sleep less in order to achieve even more and be even more productive is not surprising at first: sleep is completely worthless from a capitalist point of view. Because if you sleep, you don’t achieve anything and you can’t even consume anything. However, the research situation is DKB Directory not as clear as the 5am advocates claim. That morning people are healthier and live longer . But there are also studies that show that there is no point in forcing yourself to get up early if you have a different circadian rhythm . Or that there is no correlation between getting up and socioeconomic status.

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