Optimizing customer experiences in a changing

The “why not?” is my wise companion in life. So I’ve always balanced between science and spirituality, between left and right brain, between facts and imagination, numbers and intuition, black and white and trillions of shades of gray. My professional and anything but straight path brought me to social media marketing over the years. Perhaps precisely because it also unites two apparently separate poles: the sender of the message and the recipient.

In the social networks

Didn’t just throw words and pictures out into the world like in classic marketing – something came back, often within seconds. This cycle of communication, this open exchange, the emphatic transparency, the simplicity of the contact and the immediate feedback immediately Switzerland Phone Number List captivated me. And literally didn’t let go of me for a long time. If you’re reading this blog, I don’t need to tell you much about Always On, constant availability, FOMO , comparisonitis, digital exhaustion and other negative effects of Facebook, Instagram & Co. on our mental and physical health. All phenomena that also happened to me after a few years.

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I am now a self-employed marketing

Expert who puts my heart and soul into active social media management for her customers and was fully involved in the online hype. I can’t remember exactly when it got to be too much. I think they were lingering thoughts at first that multiplied and intensified over time. As a biologist, I had learned to objectively observe and perceive changes around me and within me – I’ve DKB Directory always been grateful for my scientific studies for that. At one point I asked myself: Where else does this 24/7 online hustle lead? The Internet seemed to me more and more like a Babylonian online tower – market clamor, croaking noise, people who can’t communicate because everyone lives in their own bubble – chaos.

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