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We could stop pouring out standard emails with standard inquiries and unnecessarily drain people who don’t fit in with us and our concerns. We could remind ourselves more often that every word, every email, every post, every text affects another person’s life. All possibilities to practice Asteya – the non-stealing of energy – in our self-employment. Not Stealing Rights Asteya could mean: a non-stealing of rights. We could stop legitimizing unlawful business practices with growth and revenue. We could be more careful to protect the rights people have in working with us . The right of withdrawal. The data protection law.

Write texts with a clear message

The right to all necessary information before the purchase contract. All possibilities to practice Asteya – the non-stealing of rights – in our self-employment. Not stealing our support Finally, Asteya could mean: not Indonesia Phone Number List stealing our support. Could stop depriving people of our help and support . Could decide to publish the text, make the offer, be visible. We could stop hiding our light under a bushel. We could start sharing our knowledge, talents and skills with the world. Do not withhold your own talents. Giving what we have to give.

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Don’t hide it anymore

Here are again the possibilities to practice Satya in our self-employment: be on time come to appointments earlier and get in the mood for the appointment Anticipate disruptions and small emergencies and prepare for them schedule more generous and realistic dates say no more often instead of a feeling of having to write shorter emails, newsletters and blog articles Use DKB Directory scheduling tools anticipate and answer questions on the contact page Don’t pass off someone else’s ideas as your own Cite sources and mark citations as such based on your own ideas and topics instead of what “one” has to do when “one” is self-employed not striving for what someone does not give us voluntarily.

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