Personal communication is the new normal

Only use the stones that make your fingers tingle? Will you be guided by your ideas and imagination and build something unique? Something that doesn’t exist yet? All the bricks from the “Self-Employment” Lego kit are in front of you: Website, SEO, blog, podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Ikot, webinars, newsletter, personal contacts, recommendations, affiliate marketing, advertisements, flyers (and much more ) . Take a close look at them and decide for yourself what you build with it and which bricks you take.The dark side of female empowerment 10 Feb International Women’s Day is less than a month away.

And as always -in addition to

Important concerns, actions, impulses and statistics – a lot of dangerous nonsense is spread in the name of female empowerment. Often (and especially) by coaches. For me this belongs to the dark side of the hip girl boss female empowerment bubble: We act as if empowering women is a matter Italy Phone Number List close to our hearts – but our actions speak a different language. Here is a long list of terms, images, messages and actions that are damaging to the cause of the female empowerment movement – and how we can do better.

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The Language in Female Empowerment

Everything starts with the language. “Powerfrau”Working Mum” “Mumpreneur” “SHEO” These terms may be nice or. Even meant as a compliment, but they clearly show.When women or mothers DKB Directory work or. Become self-employed, this is still a deviation from the norm and deserves extra emphasis. As if we’re still amazed when women make careers or mothers work. In linguistics, this is called a conversational implicature. While we don’t explicitly say that it’s “not normal” for women to work. Have careers, we do mean it implicitly. This is due to the so-called conversational maxims that the language philosopheRetailers are faced with a choice: either they wait for their stores to fill up again or they invest in smart digital marketing and sales.

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