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Say no to negative thoughts. “Be happy. It drives people crazy. Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. Willie NelsonAll things are positive if you believe. Being positive is a sign of intelligence.” (Maxime Don’t forget to smile.” “Do not worry Be Happy. The one whose problems vanished into thin air after reading such a quote, raise your hand. We will probably not even feel better after these quotes , because the discrepancy between the words on the one hand and the feelings experienced on the other is simply too great.

We say Don’t worry be happy

Make our situation worse, because feelings don’t want to be repressed and negated, but felt, accepted and processed. We can’t always just say “no to negative feelings”, because they are part of human Azerbaijan Phone Number List existence and usually they also have an important function. After all, fear, anger and sadness are not there without a reason. They are there because they want to show us: “Attention attention. alert, alert. Something is wrong here right now. Action required. Action required.” Shouldn’t we take these emergency calls seriously instead of ignoring them.

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We don’t solve problems by putting them through

We also do not change anything about social grievances and injustice if we counter angry people with “Focus on the positive”. But maybe that’s what you want? After all, positive psychology is damn system-compatible . Because if I believe that I and I alone am responsible for my happiness by DKB Directory simply thinking positively when I’m angry, frustrated or exhausted, it doesn’t even occur to me to change anything about the current social conditions or social grievances . All things are positive when you believe. How convenient. Wednesday morning, just after eight. I don’t even have to look at my calendar to know: There are no appointments today. I’m going to write something all day today. at the book. In a new online course.

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