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Tell stories generate emotions being funny, angry and everything in between link two areas together in new ways sharpen a statement and top it off develop a distinctive writing style be empatheticHow we practice “Asteya” in our self-employment 7th March In yoga there is a principle called “Asteya”. Asteya means non-stealing. What does this yoga principle have to do with self-employment and marketing? All or nothing, it’s our decision. Here are some ideas on how to practice Asteya – not stealing – in our self-employment. Not stealing time Asteya could mean: a non-stealing of time. ould stop being late for meetings and keeping people waiting unnecessarily. We could start being on time.

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Maybe we could also show up a few minutes earlier for our appointments, collect ourselves briefly, calm down, focus ourselves so that we don’t take time from the other person unnecessarily and can start Hong Kong Phone Number List directly . Maybe we could even think ahead and anticipate disruptions or minor “emergencies”. The doorbell. The phone. We could exhibit them. Fill up a glass with water. So that everything is ready should we need it. We could plan our appointments more generously and realistically . Better an honest “No, I can’t do that that day.

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We could stop stealing people’s lifetime by writing unnecessarily long texts. Or send out newsletters out of a feeling of having to, even though we don’t really have anything to say at the moment. Mean something. That enrich the lives of other people, that make the Internet not (only) a fuller place, but a better place. Perhaps we could also practice getting to the point . Could DKB Directory also write shorter emails, shorter blog articles, shorter newsletters and show people that we value their time. We could save ourselves and other people time by using scheduling tools instead of email ping-pong. May anticipate and answer questions on our contact page.

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