Sometimes they have other priorities

Speaking of the picture of the trip: I was given a rough map with travel information for part of the area to hand – yay! And I consciously chose a goal and MY first stage . Clear, manageable, feasible. I planned the route, regular rest areas and packed food in my small (!) backpack. Specifically: My goal was to set up a blog and write three articles for it within three months. With content that I would like to share because it is important to me. And which could be valuable for others. OK! And like so much else, online marketing comes down to attitude.

CAN only be the way you are

Actually not surprising, and yet my biggest aha moment in the course of the mastermind (brilliant as it is simple!): “Design your marketing in a way that would appeal to you. Because your marketing. Otherwise it won’t fit!” That really “flipped a switch” for me. And made France Phone Number List everything a lot easier! What did it take? Merely my own permission to let myself in. And leave out what I don’t like. – Both require a bit of courage. And immensely free. with a first step And then actually: Let’s go! With a clear view and an approximate idea of ​​the route. Experience that I am going my own way, trusting myself more with every step, gaining first experiences.

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Get started – because everything starts

With intermediate stops to pause, reflect and – if necessary – to readjust the route. And: I was no longer alone! I had a walkie talkie with me for emergencies. At the rest areas I met like-minded people who reported on their last stages. We were able to experience together how similar our hurdles, successes, doubts and excessive demands were often. And sometimes DKB Directory very different – ​​just like we are very different. We were able to strengthen each other and learn from each other . Each on their own path – and yet somehow together. That was wonderful and still carries me! Make discoveries, move on & stay alive And then something completely unexpected happened: I discovered writing for myself.

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