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For example, because after a night in which their children threw up and they had to completely change the bed twice, they can’t get up at 5 a.m., recite affirmations and read Tony Robbins. Thanks for nothing, female empowerment!  Actions in Female Empowerment (“Female Empowerment Washing”) But what is most disturbing to me is the “Female Empowerment Washing”. This term doesn’t exist – I had the freedom to invent it. Because I think we should include it in our vocabulary alongside greenwashing and woke washing . Urgent. Just as greenwashing means methods of building a climate-friendly image in public, while the company’s actions are in reality anything but environmentally friendly.

I would like to use Female Empowerment

Washing to describe a feminist image of companies or entrepreneurs, while the actions are a speak a completely different language . Shouldn’t women who are committed to female empowerment Pakistan Phone Number List show solidarity with other women? Would you like to think so. But in practice it looks anything but solidary. The compatibility problem – the gender care gap – for example, is not solved by making men and fathers more responsible and standing up for a fairer division of care work, but by nannies and cleaning fairies.

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When I booked a larger online program

Very first time in 2018, that was one of the first tips I got from established business coaches. Not only did they decide for themselves not to register other women or to employ them in mini-jobs as cleaners and thus drive them into poverty in old age – they recommended their customers DKB Directory to do the same. After all, we women can’t build an empire and clean the toilet at the same time. Or? Five years have passed since 2018, but little has changed: In the name of female empowerment, some women still advise other women to exploit less privileged women in order to be successful in their business. It is an old, outdated model.

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