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In the case of “power woman” or “career woman”, the maxim of relevance applies. If it weren’t relevant to emphasize “power” or “career”, we wouldn’t put it that way in the first place. As in Grice’s example of the captain and mate. The captain writes in the log: Today, November 11th, the mate is drunk. The mate reads the entry, gets angry and writes in turn: Today, November 12, the captain is not drunk. The implicature is clear: normally the captain is drunk, but today – signs and wonders still happen – sometimes not! The maxim of relevance also applies when we say: The food in the canteen was delicious today.

Today Michael cleaned the toilet himself

With these sentences we imply that the normal case is completely different. That’s why terms like “women’s football” are stupid. And that’s why the female empowerment movement doesn’t do itself any favors Mexico Phone Number List when it talks about “power women”, “career women” and the like. We realize how absurd these words actually are at the latest when we form the male counterpart.

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Working husband

These terms do not exist because it is “normal” for men to have “power” or to have a career. And because the question of whether a man has children is negligible in a society in which mothers still do most of the care work. That’s why it’s so funny when the satirical account. How do you keep DKB Directory your energy levels up? Jack, age 28 “I keep an almond in my coat pocket”. Inspirational. At least as problematic is the trivialization of women with terms like “Girlboss” “Bossbabe” “Girlpreneur” “Girlpower” “Girlboss” goes back to “Nasty Gal” CEO Sophia Amoruso, who coined the term with her 2014 book of the same name. But what do terms like “girl power” and co. actually mean? Maybe: “Don’t worry, I won’t bring down the patriarchy with my ‘power.

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