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What it means to have a mindful online business introspection How do we orientate ourselves in our business? The advice of experts? The latest trends? Mindfulness means first of all that we start with ourselves. What are our strengths hat makes us happy? What is important to us? How do we want to spend our working day? We don’t look to the left and right so much, but observe ourselves . That sounds banal – but for many of us it is not a matter of course.

Too often we base our business

Decisions on what we find on Instagram rather than how we feel about a topic. self-acceptance We are aware of our interests, strengths and values ​​- but we do not judge what we discover . If we find that we Singapore Phone Number List want to be visible online as a writer , that’s okay. If we find within ourselves that we don’t want to be on Facebook anymore , that’s totally fine. Realize that launches don’t suit us or we don’t want to build a team – all fine. We accept what we find within ourselves instead of facing blame or criticism. We know: Our feelings are allowed to be. Values ​​may betrengths may be. Our weaknesses are allowed to be.

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Our limits may be

We are allowed to be in our online business the way we are. It doesn’t matter whether it’s trending or what Coach X recommends on TikTok or Guru Y on Facebook. Everything we observe is allowed to be. confidence This clarity, this self- awareness , ultimately gives us confidence in DKB Directory ourselves and our abilities. We know who we are. And we know what we can do. Looking so much at what other people are doing or what. Have to do when you’re self-employd. We gain security and trust each other. We become more courageous to go our own way – regardless of what others (might) think of us. self-efficacy We can even deal with headwinds or challenges.

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