The European Grocery report reveals key

Like you always drilled into me, Mark. You want to know why I finally decided to delete my Facebook page? Because I realized that as a freelancer I don’t need a Facebook business page to find new customers . The first year without you and your organic Facebook marketing was definitely the best in my self-employment in terms of sales. Somehow I can’t shake the suspicion that you misled me and all the other self-employed a bit. But now good. It’s probably just peanuts for you anyway and you’d tell me that with the right Facebook strategy there could be a lot more. Speaking of which: Is the rumor that you bought all the houses in your neighborhood to have more privacy actually true? But I’m drifting away.

Salespeople are people, so they make mistakes

What I actually wanted to tell you is that the defunct but still public company page was still taking my time, energy, and headspace : I got regular messages to which of course I had to respond. I got tagged from USA Phone Number List other Facebook accounts every now and then , which I didn’t want to ignore. Again, you’ll probably only smile wearily because interacting with strangers on the internet is already second nature to you. But guess what, Mark? Not only do I have this full-time job, I also have a life. children, family, a dog. And unlike you, I also have to do mundane things like shopping, cooking, or picking up the dog’s poop.

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They sometimes die at work

Have you ever tried to balance family with a full-time job and household chores , Mark? Probably not. So let me tell you a little bit about the inside story: For us mere mortals, every hour of the day is valuable. I can’t keep making stories and dancing to trendy music on reels just to keep you DKB Directory in a good mood and keep building your metaverse. It scares the shit out of me, by the way, Mark, your metaverse. I almost don’t dare to write, but: didn’t you learn what dystopias are at Harvard? They are social orders that we as humanity should avoid . AVOID. Phoebe and Joey from Friends But I’m drifting again.

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