They sometimes die at work

How wonderful! A channel on which important topics “find their way out” – because they want to be written. At my own pace, without having to. In my blog I share my thoughts and experiences about important moments in professional life around healthy (self-)leadership, successful career paths, meaning and effectiveness. With this I show something of myself and how I work as a coach. That’s not difficult for me at all. On the contrary. It clears me up – and makes me happy! I’m still amazed. And my online marketing seedling is already bearing its first fruits. Since then I’ve been on my online marketing journey with all the ups and downs that go with it : Sometimes it annoys me, sometimes I have doubts, but most days it feels good.

To provide me with what I need

Sometimes I need an extra portion of courage, sometimes I dare a lot more than I thought. Stage by stage, in manageable steps, with the appropriate equipment . And without stress, pressure or editorial schedule, but with enough time and breaks. Sticking with it and really taking my China Phone Number List time, that remains my biggest challenge! I develop routines like my “writing dates” and continue to explore new realms . You are reading my first guest article right now . You will still NOT find me on Insta, Facebook & Co. It will stay that way for now.

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Consciously and with full responsibility

That means I also bear the “costs” because everything has advantages and disadvantages in life. But none of this weighs against the fact that I am completely with myself and consciously go. My own way. I think it’s wonderful to have once again experienced for myself what it feels DKB Directory like to stand disoriented in thick fog. Well, at least afterwards, not necessarily during it. to watch me kindly. And start running. What journey would you like to embark on? Where do you sometimes get stuck because it’s too foggy or the mountain in front of you is way too high? Where would you like more clarity, courage or support.

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