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On the blog article. Or a newsletter. I’m 120% in my writing comfort zone – and it’s wonderful! I don’t have to go live. I don’t have to dance in front of my phone. I don’t even need to speak to anyone. Every once in a while I tell the dog in an overly high-pitched voice that he’s the cutest dog ever. But that doesn’t count. Since I stopped using social media for my online business , I’ve spent most of my days like this – in my comfort zone. I almost have a bad conscience to be in this room, which is so hated by many coaches, and to find it good too.

Because we all know the notorious

Wisdom about the comfort zone inside and out. “Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” (Unknown) “Success waits outside of your comfort zone.” (Adrian Van Veen) “There is always a standstill in the Bahamas Phone Number List comfort zone. Carolyn Sue Those are the sayings I find after a quick google search on the topic “comfort zone”. I take a moment and think: no. No. And no. It’s all just not true. Yesterday, for example, I sat on the sofa with the child and told him that his second and third name, which had been kept secret until then, was Manfred-Maria.

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We laughed until our stomachs hurt

It was quite comfortable being together on the sofa. The fireplace flickered in the background. But if this messing around with my kid isn’t “life,” which the inspirational quote denies me, then what is? Do I really have to go to an indoor playground – life at the limit moderately – or strap the child to DKB Directory my back and climb the Himalayas to really celebrate parenthood? Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a heck of a lot of living in my comfort zone. It’s nice to spend time with people I like. Or do things I love. Of course I could leave my comfort zone in the evening and do something crazy like… knitting. But why should I? Manual work makes me aggressive. And so I prefer to spend my evenings talking, reading a book or watching a Netflix series.

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