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Would the approaches of mindfulness be transferred to the digital cosmos and social media marketing? What would the baby be called? Digital mindfulness. And so today I find myself in a – for some luxurious – situation of doing alternative and social media-poor marketing for my business and also being able to support other self-employed people. Not feeling FOMO , not comparing myself, doing my own thing. No more having social media apps on your phone.

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See it as an extension of my hands that is essential for survival. Write more and get found through SEO . No time to waste with meaningless scrolling. Finding some again to finally hit the laptop keyboard for Albania Phone Number List this text that has been burning my fingers for what feels like an eternity. to paint again. Going hiking on a Wednesday morning. Or just do nothing. To be. Living that “why not?” Aikaterini Pegka Is it always easy? Of course not. Because just like meditation or yoga or other healthy habits, digital mindfulness is a matter of practice.

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A muscle that shrinks if not exercised regularly

Digital mindfulness is a path for the dopamine spoiled and change lazy brain to re-enter. A lifebelt that brought me back from the wild waves of the online ocean to calm, turquoise and crystal clear waters. From reel life back to real life.irational Quote Hell 70 inspirational sayings that spread problematic messages Jan 20 How much bullshit is actually in the most popular and DKB Directory famous inspirational quotes and sayings? The answer may (not) surprise you. A lot! Most inspirational quotes do not make us more inspired, motivated and productive. But rather annoy us and put a lot of pressure on us. But why do we always feel such a grumbling. In our stomachs when “Bro Marketer” Tobi, 23, posts on Insta that we should be stronger than our excuses.

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