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Dip your legs in the pool or in a bucket of water. Do a manicure. Or pedicure 46. ​​Treat yourself to a deep conditioner. If you never find time for it otherwise, why not just during your lunch break? Or a face mask Ditto. 48. Go for a massage Do you live in a larger city and can spontaneously go for a massage? treat yourself! 49. Treat yourself to a facial massage.. No coal for a massage? Close your eyes and massage your face with circular movements of your index and middle finger. Enjoy! 50 … or a neck massage Solve hardened areas in the neck and shoulder area? We can do it ourselves. (Search for “neck self-massage” in your favorite search engine.) Marketing without social media.

Household Since I stopped using social media

Stopped spending my breaks on my smartphone, the place is a lot cleaner. Because cleaning the house is exercise and therefore an excellent option for taking breaks that are really relaxing. 51. Unload the Croatia Phone Number List dishwasher and put it back in again Duration: three minutes and therefore perfect as a small movement unit to get your mind off things.  Clean the apartment Depending on how big your apartment or house is, this is a small workout. Line up put away the laundry.

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Means one load less to turn on in the evenings

Making beds Productivity gurus who want you to make your bed first thing in the morning need to be strong now, but shh what if you don’t make your bed in the morning, but just do it as a little exercise DKB Directory in between? 55. Clean out a kitchen drawer. or your closet 57. Clean a window (or windows) Is not only exercise, but also fresh air. 58. Go shopping If you live in a big city and there is a supermarket around the corner, why not get some exercise and do the essential shopping on your lunch break.

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