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For example, a woman can dream of getting hold of a managerial position. But statistically, for the longest time, she had worse odds than someone just named Thomas or Michael. You can’t even imagine that. And then we can tell ourselves so often that we just have to believe in it hard enough. It is difficult for us to counter the Thomas cycle. Likewise, it will be more difficult to realize oneself if one has to contend with racist or ableist structures.

Violence or with xenophobic people

Experiences of discrimination cost an incredible amount of strength, which in turn is then lacking for self-realization. Just imagine how women in Iran read “Your only limit is your mind” You would like to apologize collectively for all people who post something like this without thinking. Therefore: No, we are not 100% responsible for our success and failure. Our background Albania Phone Number List circumstances and the political system into which we are born do play a role. We can work on our “wrong” mindset as often as we like. Yes, we can motivate or limit ourselves with our own thoughts, no question. ( And I myself am also in favor of powerful thoughts that strengthen us.

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But of course always within the framework

Individual, social, societal and political possibilities . And the fact that people still don’t understand this in 2023 is really getting on our nerves. Inspirational quotes and sayings are subject to late capitalist growth logic and make us all tired and exhausted The hustle quotes are at least as bad DKB Directory because the “hustle” – in these quotes, that is a way of life, yes, almost a religion. Every second of the day must be used in the best possible way. Sleeping is for sluts. After all, when we sleep we cannot work; and if we don’t work, we can’t make money; and if we don’t earn any money, we can just let it be with capitalism.

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