New trends require new partnerships

That I could n’t launch as planned and had a financial failure that messed up my entire year? That I also paid people who know about FB Ads to help me? And although they assured me that everything is correct – technically, visually, in terms of content – that you just didn’t play my ad. But do you know what the crowning glory was, Mark? That your “concierge” wrote me after just one email that he was not a marketing expert and was now closing the support ticket.

Nice name for support Mark

I have to hand that to you, but t left me speechless. Speechless! Is that how you treat people who give you thousands of dollars every year to get their posts seen?! All the gray hairs I got just because of you and the ad manager I pulled out one by one. That hurt a lot, Mark. Anyway, I eventually Australia Phone Number List saw the ad account that stopped working as a sign. As a hint with the fence post. Or the fence. And the fence said: Aaaaaalex, let that shit go! Quit the ads and leave the market. And you know what? I listened to the fence. With this decision, I immediately felt liberated. The feeling of never having to deal with your stupid ad manager again – it’s one of the best feelings you can imagine next to eating pizza.

Phone Number List

Woman lying next to a large salami pizza

And how do I get new newsletter subscriptions without FB-Ads? Ah Mark! You have no idea how much I would like to tell you at this point that I get new newsletter subscribers just as quickly without your FB ads as with me, but no, that would be a lie. No, without FB Ads email list growth is slower. But, you know what? Then that’s the way it is. I found my inner Buddha DKB Directory there and made peace with him. I know you won’t understand. For you, growth is…everything. You sometimes even hide important studies just so you can grow indefinitely and conquer the people you haven’t been able to conquer before: little children . Anyway, I swore to myself, Mark: I don’t want to support you in your growth anymore. And as far as my growth is concerned: I prefer to do it at my own pace now.

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