Salespeople don’t spend two-thirds

With a service that luckily you didn’t buy. So still. We’ll see how long that stays that way. But you can definitely keep your Facebook groups. Time to say goodbye You see, Mark, I no longer need you professionally. And privately – you’ve been doing me no good for a long time. I’m breaking up with you to protect my mental health . Because Facebook has become a place of hate for me in recent years . The way you tolerate insults, hate speech, linguistic discrimination and incorrect information and reward them with reach – that is very difficult for me to bear.

I don’t want to watch this any longer

As long as you make money from human trafficking and hide studies that show you harm young people , we have nothing more to say to each other. And you know what? I see or read people I want to deal Brazil Phone Number List with in other ways anyway: in real life , in zoom dates , in other messenger services (that do not belong to you) or by e -mail . You and I – we’re finished anyway, Mark.This is a guest article by Dr. Suzanne Scheer. Susanne is a career and leadership coach and accompanies people who want to make a difference in their (professional) life and want to remain true to themselves.

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She contributes her Twenty years of professional

Experience in business and science as well as her intuition, joie de vivre and her well-founded expertise in personnel and personality development. She pleads for the conscious shaping of one’s own (professional) life and believes that we can make our world even better and more humane DKB Directory with clarity, strength, courage and self-knowledge. With a view to what really matters. Imagine: You have to start a hiking trip, but you don’t know where to go, how long it will take, nor what exactly you need: snow suit, crampons, mosquito repellent, rubber boots,…? That’s how I felt about online marketing for a long time. So with something that didn’t suit me and felt huge.

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